Shane Argo

Director and co-founder

After Shane completed his Bachelor Degree in Software Engineering and Mathematics, he began his career in the Educational Technologies sector. He has eight years experience in support, system administration and software development in Higher Education. During his time supporting Blackboard he developed many integrations and extensions to the product.

Shane has a strong presence in the Australian Blackboard community, having presented many times at the Blackboard Teaching and Learning Conferences, volunteered his time providing assistance to institutions and developing and supporting the open source extension Javascript Hacks.

Shane is the co-recipient of the Blackboard Learn Innovative Development Catalyst Award 2013 for his participation in the development of JS Hacks. He also received the University of the Sunshine Coast Vice-Chancellor and President's Award for Excellence in Service in 2013.

Wiley Fuller

Director and co-founder

Wiley has over ten years experience working in the Australian Higher Education industry, developing maintaining and support Learning Management Systems. In addition to this, Wiley also has extensive experience in Systems Integration and bespoke application development.

Wiley is well known in the Blackboard community, and has developed and contributed to a number of widely used tools in the Blackboard open source community, such as the Student View Building Block, Javascript Hacks, Blackboard Eclipse Plugin, and the B2Deploy Ant Task. He has also developed a large number of Building Blocks and system integrations for his employers.

Wiley is the recipient of two Blackboard Catalyst awards. One for community contributions, and another award for JS Hacks with Shane Argo.