All the Ducks is currently developing a Grade Review and Moderation System intended to simplify and reduce errors in your institution's end of semester grades submission process. The system is designed to extract grades from your Learning Management System and combines it with data from the Student Information System and Curriculum System guiding all participants through the review and moderation steps, then submitting the final grades to their final destination.

Grades Review Demo

All the Ducks have set up a demo of the Grade Review System which is a live, up-to-date (to the minute) version of the software. When our developers commit code, an automated process runs a suite of tests and checks and, assuming they all pass, updates this demo.

When this occurs all existing data is deleted, meaning that any work you've done so far will be lost. When entering the demo, you can choose to have an email sent to you containing a link to come back to a course you've already started. If the demo been reset you will enter the same course, with the same students, but you will be starting the grades submission process again.